Absolutely the best Wordpress recipe plugin

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Once installed, EasyRecipe adds a chef icon to your editor toolbar.
At the point in your post entry where you want your recipe to be,
click the icon and the screen to add your recipe will appear.
To enter your recipe, fill in the information blanks at the top and then either
type in or cut and paste your recipe ingredients and instructions.
Note that any line starting with a exclamation mark (!) is a heading,
so you can have recipes with several different parts.
Add the prep and cook time and the number of servings.
If you have the nutritional information for your recipe and
want to include it, click Other and you can enter it there.
This is a completed recipe as it appears on a blog using EasyRecipe.
Notice the headings in bold text showing the different steps of the recipe.
Once you have entered and saved your recipe you'll see a
new Google icon on your Wordpress editor toolbar.
You can click that icon to head on over to Google's Rich Snippet Testing Tool.
Here you can verify that Google can extract the information they need
to display your recipe as a Rich Snippet in their search results.
Cool, eh?
This is a Google search results page showing a recipe
that has been entered using EasyRecipe.
Notice the photo and the rating which helps to get
your recipe noticed by people searching.
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