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I use EasyReciple Plus and love it!
Maureen from OrgasmicChef.com

WordPress food blogs made easy

  • Easy Recipe Entry
  • Multiple Recipes
  • Custom Templates
  • Add Images & Links
  • Guest Posts
  • Priority Support
  • Only $24.95!!
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Come on in and kick the tires, we want you to see all that our new EasyRecipePlus can do to make your blog stand out from the crowd.

Easy to Use

We created EasyRecipe because we couldn’t find a Wordpress plugin that didn’t require a degree in geek. Easy is our first name!

Multiple Recipes

We received more requests for us to add multiple recipes to our plugin than any other feature. So now you can add as many recipes to your posts as you wish!

Images & Links

Adding images into EasyRecipe wasn’t so easy and we’re sorry. You’ll find in EasyRecipe Plus that adding images and links within your recipes is as easy as pie.

Guest Posts

Guest posts takes time. Our new guest post feature lets your guest poster add their post, photos and the recipe straight to your drafts folder without having to join or log in.

Custom Templates

Our Custom Templates allow you to format your recipes attractively and then personalize them to match your food blog

Easy Formatting

Live formatting makes it SO easy to make your blog look unique. Just move the slider bars on the format screen and watch your post change.

Great Support

We answer as quickly as possible and normally within 24 hours. You can even add a support ticket from your blog’s admin section!
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